Monday, December 6, 2010

Chicks on a Bike

Written 6 November, 2010

My New Bike

Before I had my first car, I got around on small-displacement motorcycles. I still have a penchant for them, both on Earth and in Second Life.

Here's my bike in real life:

It's a 1971 Honda CL70. It's light and agile, and peppy for just 70 CCs-- and it gets about a hundred miles a gallon. It has 3700 miles and looks and runs like a new motorcycle. Not bad for a 40-year-old!

I ride around the neighborhood and to the store. I don't go far, but the bike is certainly capable of it. Back in the day, between going to work and to college from my parents' house in the country,  I put about 120 miles a day on a bike just like it. Well, on a 1969 model, which differs only in the gas tank decorations and headlight/speedometer nacelle. Here's a '69. I prefer the look.

To pay property taxes earlier this year, I had to sell my other bikes, a 1975 Honda CB125S, another nice motorcycle: I miss it, too.

If I had money enough, and room to store them, I would have a half-dozen more vintage cycles. Don't tell Sweetie.

Sooooo, on one of my explorations in Second Life, I saw a great bike. I saved up and bought it.

I took Sweetie for a ride around our sims last night on it (mostly underwater). Her Macbook doesn't run Second Life all that well, but she did get this low-resolution shot. I cropped it to disguise her face because, you know, if I showed it, she would have to kill me. I think it's in the spy code of conduct..

So anyway, here's the bike:

It has great detailing:

I like it so much, I think, because it reminds me of the old single-cylinder BSA thumpers.Here's a 441 cc Shooting Star. Pretty, isn't it?

My new bike is from 19MC; the model number is SLR400. It's not cheap at $L1900, but it's well-made and fun to ride. I love the kick-starting animation.

Buy it here.

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