Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sayonara, Delilah

Meet Delilah.

Delilah is a 13-prim fish I picked up for free at New Citizens, Inc. in early 2007.

Created by Forseti Svarog, Delilah swims in slow circles about one meter in diameter.

Whimsy's undersea areas are lushly decorated, and on our three sims I must have had 30 Delilahs circling.

Delilah is modifiable, so for variety I created albino, pink, silver, verdigris, and zebra-sriped versions. Here are a couple of the variants:

Delilah isn't the most beautiful fish in the world, and has only the most rudimentary of scripts, but give her a break-- she was created in February, 2007!

For some time now I've been on the lookout for a low-prim, intelligently scripted, and copyable and modifiable fish. I found just what I was looking for at Sapphy Rotaru's Gallimaufrey Store.

Sapphy makes a wide-variety of fish. The ones I like best are the swimmers--- they don't move by switching prims so they don't flicker when you first see them-- and they meet my other criteria. I especially liked the fact that most used only two prims. I bought a bundle of them and began replacing the Delilahs.

Because they're modifiable, Sapphy's fish can be made smaller and tinted to create variety. They look great swimming.

Those are the same fish, just tinted differently. I created a school of seven of the blue variety, using only eight prims (in all but one, I unlinked the fish and discarded the prims that contained only the script, keeping only one). You can see the school in the background, above.

Believe it or Not, This is the Same Fish
Five-Prim Shark
Rainbow Fish, Two Prims
Bethi Fish (Foreground) and Scalare Angelfish (Two Prims Each)
Stingray with Flexible Tail (Three Prims)
It took a couple of days, but I believe I have tracked down and deleted all the Delilahs. In a way I'm sad they're gone.

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