Sunday, June 29, 2014

Materials World

For the past several days, Sweetie has been experimenting with materials. She has been taking unremarkable areas on Whimsy and making them gorgeous. She started with three big planters up at our captured asteroid at 4000 meters. It's my first experience with materials, and she is making my jaw drop!
Click the photos to enlarge them.

Above, reflections from the sun and the moon and lanterns she has strategically placed play over pools of water with great effect.

In the photo above you can see twin strips of light caused by candles she has placed on a rock.

Here the moon and light from a burning tiki torch create beautiful reflections.

My desktop is quite powerful, but my video card can't quite handle Advanced Lighting. It works well enough, however, for taking photos.

Click Read More for photos of sunrises and sunsets. They're beautiful, for the water catches the sun.

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