Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Aurora Borealis at the Sub-Orbital Asteroid Retreat

Sweetie just created an outstanding aurora display 4000 meters above Whimsy at our sub-orbital asteroid retreat. Check out the photo above.

I had an aurora once, back in late 2006 or 2007. I may even have documented it in this blog!

Let me see if I can dig up a photo...

Yup, here's one!

I thought they were gorgeous-- Sweetie, not so much.

So I have been borealisless is Second Life for some seven years now.

Sweetie's aurora was created by Antreas Alter, he of Real Waves fame. Sweetie dragged me to his display of Christmas trees and tree and house lights here.

I immediately saw the best Christmas tree ever.

The Land Impact is only 19. I will need to buy it come the holidays.

Antreas' aurora was world's better than my old one, which, let's face it, was simply two circling prims which emitted particles.

Sweetie immediately set up three (she sometimes succumbs to the more-is-better school of philosophy) at our suborbital asteroid retreat at 4000 meters. The effect was amazing.


The auroras caused an immediate problem with the Gilded Gobbler, the airship we converted into our PG Den of Iniquity. The textures on the inside walls of the balloons and the lowermost deck incorporated alpha, and the notorious Secon Life alpha glitch caused the aurora to glow right through. I planned to change the texture, but the ever-inventive Sweetie opened the Edit menu, selected the Texture tab, and changed the Alpha Mode from Alpha Blending to Alpha Masking. That fixed that.

Sweetie has her auroras set so they appear only when it's night on Whimsy, so if you don't see them, it's not night-- but if you're feeling lucky, here's the SLURL.

The auroras can be overwhelming, so I expect we'll soon tone them down a bit. For now, it's rather like a fireworks show.

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