Sunday, June 15, 2014

New Gulls

Last weekend Sweetie dragged me away from Whimsy to a place called ebrink Designs to look at seagulls.

We both liked them, and she bought them. I bought them, too and began to replace my Garth Fairchang gulls.

Garth's gulls are stationary on rez, and don't start until you give them a command in chat. ebrink Fugue's gulls begin flying as soon as they are rezzed and are devilishly difficult to catch. I quickly learned to have the edit window open and an already existing object selected when I rezzed them; that way I didn't have to chase them down.

ebrink's gulls weigh in at four prims and fly marvelously and make appropriate gull sounds. They use little script time, so what's not to like?

And so, I saved eight prims per bird on a dozen or so birds. Eighty prims is no laughing matter.

I still miss the way Garth's gulls flew, though.

Garth Fairchang's Seagull in Flight
No One Else Makes Birds that Wheel and Dart like Garth Did

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