Friday, October 5, 2012

Whimcentricity Gets Dangerous

Here's another post that didn't get published.

Written 23 August, 2009

Whimcentricity Gets Dangerous

Let me just say-- we can't help it.

If it can squash you, burn you, or hurl you high into the air, we're just there.

Whimcentricity lies between dangerous Whimsy and beautiful Eccentricity (and hence the name). It's beautiful like Eccentricity, but is rapidly becoming more dangerous.

Last night I stayed up stupid late and added some visitor-controlled features to W-C welcome area.

Now, instead of having to wait for the geysers to erupt, visitors can turn them on manually.

If they pay, of course.

Well, a girl has to eat!

And it will be really worthwhile, because I added a bonus volcano eruption button.

When you touch it, far-off Pele erupts.

Within seconds, red hot, steaming lava boulders begin to rain all about you.


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