Friday, October 5, 2012

Sweetie's Barbie Doll

Here's one more previously unpublished post.

Written 5 December, 2007

Sweetie's Barbie Doll

Just wind me up and point me toward Ken. Or, better yet, toward another Barbie.

Sweetie came in world this morning with a plan for me.

It started innocently enough, with a trip to Blaze so she could buy me a fabulous frock.

I'm not sure how or why this came about, but it might have had something to do with what we did on the hood of a taxi last night while some passerby watched. We didn't care. We let him watch, since he was more or less polite about it.

"Hawt!" he said.

A long time ago, when we were new in world, I told a friend we could make a fortune by building an ampitheater and charging guys big bucks to watch us do it.

Now here it is a year later, and Sweetie and I are giving it away for free. :)

If you've never done it on the hood of a taxi, I recommend it. Especially if the engine is warm. And especially if you role play driver and passenger without money to pay the fare.

At any rate, Sweetie came into world with a plan. She took me to Blaze to buy me an outfit named Radioactive.

Blaze is where I bought the Shiraz dress, the one my previous girlfriend wouldn't let me out of the house in unless she is with me. I put it on last night as we were dancing at Umbra Penumbra (great dance floor, risque music, outre conversation), and it's probably what led us to the hood of that taxi.

Sweetie still smells a bit of carnuba wax. :)

Blaze's main store didn't have Radioactive, so Sweetie teleported me to  another Blaze location, in Dublin. Neither of us took a landmark, so you'll need to look it up in Search.

Then on to Sylfie's for shoes.

Sylfie's is on an island of the same name. She has HUNDREDS of colors and styles of shoes. It's podiatric permutation paradise. I have dozens of pairs of her shoes.

Sweetie bought me shoes named Elegeance Black/White Stiletto (pictured. Note her own chic shoes in the background).

But this is not a fashion blog, so I'll not tell you about them.

We then spent a fruitless hour in search of a choker, which mysteriously turned into a quest for a collar, which, truth to tell, made me sweat a little bit. But I played it as it lay.

It took a while before Sweetie found a choker that pleased her. We looked in mainstream jewelry stores. We looked in Chinese sims. We looked in goth mausoleums.  No deal.

(I'm writing this as it's happening, so it's apt to change at any moment).

Then we ended up at Behind the Veil, a place that sells Gorean Goods. There, Sweetie gave me the lindens (since the goods were nontransferrable) to buy a choker. I did.

Actually, I bought two, for SL hiccupped just as I made the purchase, telling me some two dozen gestures were suddenly invalid. When it was over, I had two copies of the same nontransferrable choker. Fortunately, the maker was online and gave me the second choker I requested within seconds. Thank you, Ulusive Surface.

I turned my choker black at Sweetie's request and my transformationi into a shockingly clad, raven-tressed, goth-makeuped, crimson-taloned, high-heeled seductress in a choke was comleter.

Ready for action.

While Sweetie, exhausted from all the decision-making, went off world to rest.

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