Friday, October 5, 2012

Perpetuating the Meme

Here's yet another post that didn't get published.

Written 10 June, 2009

Perpetuating the Meme

Over at his blog, Marnix Malifozik has called for more nekkid but tasteful butt pictures.

To my utter surprise, Sweetie provided me a photo of her backside.

She calls it Girl In a Sheep Slipper, because yep, that's what she is, and that's what she's wearing. I post it with her approval.

The appearance of Sweetie's butt pic in this blog is astonishing because for going on three years now I've been withholding, at her request, her real virtual name. Moerover, when I've published her image, I've taken pains, again at her request, to disguise her actual appearance so she won't be recognized.

So there you have it. A secret agent, after years of anonymity, blows it all for one nekkid but tasteful butt picture.

You still can't see Sweetie's face, but after this, you'll know her bum anywhere.

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