Sunday, August 16, 2009

Whimcentricity Gets Prims: I. Geysers

Written 16 August, 2009

Whimcentricity Gets Prims

I. Geysers

It took us a while to figure how what to do with the entry area on Whimcentricity, but Sweetie and I had a mutual brainstorm night before last.

In one word, geysers.

It's no secret we like stuff that explodes. Geysers explode. End of concept.

Sweetie had made three tiny hillocks in the center of the sim, about 25 meters apart. We couldn't at first figure out what to do with them, but once I threw up a little platform around the center one, it started to make since. Soon we had wooden bridges connecting the outlying hillocks.

So night before last, we decided that, since Leaf had thought (and so did we!) that Whimcentricity should have some geothermal features. And so-- geysers!

Here are the bridges that connect the hillocks:

The geysers (there are three, one for each hillock) are set to go off once per hour, at different times, for about three minutes. The center geyser erupts at a quarter to the hour, and it's a sight to see, especially at midnight and in mouselook.

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