Tuesday, August 18, 2009

When Whales Fly

Written 17 August, 2009

When Whales Fly

One day a couple of years ago I was standing on Whimsy, minding my own business when two giraffes flew by.

They weren't strange giraffes.

Let me rephrase that.

All giraffes are strange, but I knew this pair. They were FAMILIAR strange giraffes.

In fact, they were Leaf Shermer's familiar strange giraffes.

As I watched them zooming out of sight over the ocean to the north, I wondered if it was an artifact. Were the giraffes still there, or had they actually sailed away into the intergrid twilight zone.

I flew to Leaf's property. They were still there, and as strange as ever.

Lately it's been flying whales.

Despite the SL viewer being broken and having to use the Snapshot button isntead of the much faster keyboard shortcut, I actually got a shot of Leaf's humpback as it sailed sedately by.

A little bit later my Splash Aquatics pilot whale passed me, heading north as I was heading south. It was too quick for me, though; no photo.

I suspect this strange flying whale/giraffe phenomen has to do with the animals being physical.

Does anyone have a clue?

Here's a bonus photo of all three of Whimcentricity's geysers going off at the same time.

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