Monday, August 10, 2009

Telephoto Lens

Written 10 August, 2009

Telephoto Lens

I'm SO GLAD I bought that telephoto lens on XStreet!

It lets me get shots like this.

That torii gate is more than 100 meters away. And this:

And this:

And this:

And this:

How powerful is this telephoto lens? Well, here's a shot from the same position at regular focus:

I paid a thousand Lindens extra to get the special focusing feature. If you'll scroll back up, you'll see the objects in the foreground are in perfect focus.
And since I was dumping all my money, I bought an on-sale fisheye lens. Here's an image I captured with it:

Installing the lenses is easy. You just push the button on the camera body and they lock in using bayonet-type lugs.

The telephoto was $1999 with the focusing feature and the fisheye was on sale for just $695. I bought the optional UV filter and a polishing cloth for a total of $1750. Nice bargain, huh?

If you've not yet figured out I'm pulling your leg, let me say I took the shots above by zooming my cam in with CTRL-0 and out with CTRL-8 (CTRL-9 snaps your view back to normal). All the photos are natural Second Life pictures with no external manipulation or changing of Windlight settings.

Think about how much money I just saved you!


Whatcha Eaton said...

Haha. I started reading this post about the "telephoto" lens and was thinking, "OMG, she bought an in-world gizmo for actual money that essentially presses Ctrl-9 for her?"

Whew. :)

I had known about the zoom shortcuts for a while but it wasn't until about four days ago that I noticed they changed the effective "focal length" of the "lens." Before that I just thought they did the same thing as the mouse scroll wheel.

It's a shame the "long" lens doesn't push the background out of focus. We need controls for shutter speed, aperture and focus now.

...and red-eye reduction, of course. :p

♥ Lolita ♥ said...

OMG *Laughing* I totally believed you spent all that first...until I read to the end.