Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Gender Blogs: VII. When Sex Rears Its (Ahem!) Head

Written 22 August, 2008

The Gender Blogs:

VI. When Sex Rears Its (Ahem!) Head

When a male plays a female avie or a female a male avie, it’s all well and good. It can lead to personal growth, and certainly the deception involved can hurt no one.

Unless romantic feelings arise.

Sex in Second Life can be and often is impersonal (more about this in a future post), but feelings are personal and intimate.

What does it mean when you’re a female avatar with a male typist and you develop romantic feelings for a man? What does it mean when you jump on a kiss poseball with a male friend? What does it mean when that kiss arouses you?

There’s the deception thing of course. Does your potential sexual partner deserve disclosure from you? Are you morally obligated to inform him of your real-life status Yes, in my opinion. (More on this later).

And then there’s the cheating thing. If you are married and on a kiss poseball with someone who isn’t your spouse, are you being unfaithful? (I would say yes. More on this later, too).

And finally there’s the homosexual thing. If you’re in an in-world heterosexual relationship with someone who is of the same real-life biological sex, is this in any way gay?

It’s here that the head can begin to hurt. What if you’re female avi / male typist in hot sex with someone who is female avi / male typist? Is this a lesbian or gay male tryst, or something else altogether? What if you both know the others’ typist is male? Does that change anything? And what if the other typist is female and you’re male? Does that change anything? More on this later, too.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with this completely. I was recently with someone for over a year and a half that would never voice, because it "crossed a barrier". Well, thanks to handy dandy SL voice, they accidentally clicked on the switch and I heard a woman... and the avatar was male. Not only did this person lie to me and hundreds of others, they also claimed their "wife" died real life... when in all reality, the "wife" was the actual person playing this avatar. Sick and disgusting. I also heard them smack some young child and yell at it to stop bothering them because they were on the computer. Poor kid. They have 11+ alts... all women and only two male avatars. Friends on the male avatars they have to the same people they are slaves to in Gor on the female alts. Nice to know your best "guy" friend is actually a woman, the one you felt bad for them about that "died". Sick huh?