Sunday, August 17, 2008

No Skin for Sweetie!

Written 17 August, 2008

No Skin for Sweetie!

My Sweetie bought her skin in her first months in Second Life. It's a nice skin.

Late fall, Sweetie decided to go get some new makeups for her skin. We visited Au Natural, the store where she bought her skin, and she bought a couple. And planned to return to buy more.

In December, I happened to stop by Au Natural. Everything was on sale. I even bought a skin or two for myself, they were so cheap.

I couldn't wait to tell Sweetie! And tell her I did, and the next morning we teleported to the store-- and landed on the grass. The store was gone!

I IMed the owner, who told me she had just deleted all the Photoshop files for her skins and purged them from her inventory-- but just wait, her new skins would be wonderful. They would be for sale in January.

January came and went. No skins from her. Still no skins from her.

No skin for Sweetie!

Today, Sweetie and I were exploring. We visited the Navrem sim, where we found a store with really inexpensive outfits.

We worked our way up two floors, buying the occasional outfit; the third floor was skins. Sweetie tried on a demo, liked it (it looks a LOT like her usual skin), and was JUST about to make a purchase when the entire building suddenly disappeared.

We landed in the grass. No building.

No skin for Sweetie.

She's starting to think the SLuniverse is conspiring to keep her in the skin she is in.

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Corgi said...

Body Politik. It ain't goin' anywhere unless somebody gets hit by a bus.