Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Gender Blogs: III. Being Noncompetitive

Working on the Windows

Sweetie's Windows Scrips Left Windows Transparent Inside
And Allowed Texture Change Outside

Written 16 August, 2008

The Gender Blogs

III. Being Noncompetitive

I do recall one instance in which even I recognized my competiveness. It happened back in January, 2007, and it had to do with That Bastard Martin.

Martin had been giving Sweetie little scripted gifts, and she was forever Ooh!ing and Ah!ing over them. When the giant drinking bird he made for her fell apart (as did the dragon swing he had previously given her, ha! ha!), and I said I thought I could do better, she snorted and said, “It has a PHYSICS engine!”

[Note to self: Bob, the Whimsy drinking bird, has been bobbing contentedly and continuously for five months now, and to date has shown no signs of falling apart. Pat self on back three times.]

Soooo, Sweetie took a job building windows. She had purchased a window and door script and was having the devil of a time making the windows all change texture on command.

Sweetie had given TB Martin copies of the window change script. He came to Pele (our home at the time) and she and he were working to sort it out. I asked for a copy and Sweetie gave it to me, and the instruction notecard. The three of us stood on the beach, trying our damndest to make the windows work—and I figured it out first. I had my windows merrily changing textures on command, and TB Martin, with his “physics engine” and a one-day head start, was getting nowhere.

So of course, I had to say to Sweetie, in IM, “Nah, nah nah nah nah!”

But of course, I’m not competitive!

Not at all!

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