Saturday, February 8, 2014

Slowly Building a New Desktop

The infrequency of posts here over the past months is directly related to what my laptop allows me to do in Second Life. Everything else is fine, but for some reason I have difficulty with manipulating my camera. It's difficult to move and almost impossible to manipulate prims and photography is difficult. The latter is crucial, since I tend to tell stories here with photographs. Sweetie and I have been going out dancing a lot, but I've done little on Whimsy.

I have a long mental list of things I'd like to do on our sims, but I'm not even going to start until I have a computer that will work properly in world. To that end I've been assembling components to build a new desktop. To date I've assembled a kickass gaming mother board and an i7 processor.

I ordered an add-on cooling fan which turned out not to fit my processor; it wasn't cost effective to send back, so is anyone interested in a Cooler Master Hyper 101i CPU cooler for the LGA 1155 socket? It fits core i3 and i5 Intel processors and AMD's AM3? It's new in the box and it can be yours for just ten bucks plus postage.

This week I retrieved the gamer's case I've been storing in preparation for this day and removed the internals. I loved the case when it was new ten years ago, but it shows years of wear and, although it was wrapped in plastic, the time in storage didn't help. And so I'm off to Fry's tomorrow morning to spend some quality time with the 50 of so desktop cases they have on display. I probably won't buy one, as money is short, but at least I'll come home knowing the features I want.

I have two good 430 watt power supplies and a brand new 500 watter, but I'm thinking of getting a bigger one in anticipation of one day buying two nice graphics cards.

I have other things I need-- cables, solid state drive, 2 tb hard drive, DVD recorder, monitors...

On hand; mother board, i7 processor, DVD writer, cables, SSD, 2 tb HD
Still to buy: case, power supply, 16 gb RAM

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