Saturday, February 8, 2014

I Am Disappointed in the Gorts

Cheyenne Palisades is Disappointed With the Gorts for Not Frying the Troublesome Avatar cinquetti. Since Their Anger Management Classes They Have Been Entirely Too Chill.

A couple of months ago I got an IM from a visitor to Whimsy. He and a friend had stopped by the dance platform at 1850 meters and were told in no uncertain terms by a certain avatar named cinquetti that they were in her home and would have to leave.

Needless to say, cinquetti didn't live there. No one does. She wasn't and isn't a resident of Whimsy. I had noticed she had been frequenting the dance platform and was fine with that-- but I wasn't fine with her appropriation of it.

I banned her from my estates-- so imagine my surprise tonight when I cruised by and saw none other than cinquetti at the dance platform.

I checked the region ban list and she was on it-- and yet there she was! I removed her and added her again, this time copying her name in her profile and pasting it. She disappeared-- I hope this time for good.

Most of the time I tell avatars politely why they are being banned, and only rarely does someone get banned for a first infraction. In her case I banned her immediately and didn't tell her why. Why? Because of the outrageousness of her behavior.

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