Monday, March 5, 2012

jrenslow bach (Prim-O-Rama) is a Nutcase! Or Mr. bach Blows a $1900L Sale

I Think jrenslow bach is Spending Too Much Time Underwater
He Clearly is Suffering Hallucinations from Oxygen Deprivation
Written 5 March, 2012

jrenslow bach (Prim-O-Rama) is a Nutcase!

Or Mr. bach Blows a $1900L Sale

An hour or so ago, while browsing the Second Life Marketplace, I saw for sale a playable pinball machine.

Now, that's something both Sweetie and I have been looking for for a long time, so I searched the creator and from his picks I teleported to his store.

I saw no displays, but the owner was AFK on the floor above me, so I sent him an IM asking if he would rez a copy for me.

While I was waiting I was looking around and spotted the pinball machine standing on the grass in the sim above the underwater store. I tried to teleport there, but the sim had damage enabled, and I was killed and teleported home.

I teleported back but the pinball didn't seem to be where I had spotted it. Nor could I get back to the store.

I assumed there was a locked-down parcel between me and the store, but then I got an IM from jrenslow saying if I kept it up he would report me.

Keep WHAT up?

I explained why I was there and what I wanted. No response. I realized I had been banned from his parcel and probably muted.

I rezzed my trusty and seldom-used alt Dakota and IMed jren and asked him what Chey had done to be banned. He accused me of lying and called me Mister Dance Island. He said I (meaning Mister Dance Island) had been harassing him for weeks and the next step he would take would be with the Lindens. Then he stopped responding, meaning, probably, Dakota had been banned and muted.

My friend Bonneville Nightfire has been horribly harassed in world by someone who somehow got his real-life identity, so if jrenslow is upset, it's understandable. But he is, however, clearly batshit crazy and needs to check himself into our robot sanatorium where he can get his poor overtired brain replaced with a nice mostly sane positronic one.

The incident made me curious about Mister Dance Island. Sounds like he and his army of alts are even more in need of help than Mr. bach.

I can only imagine how jren ran afoul of Mr. Dance Island. It couldn't have been pretty. I have to say though, I do hope jren gets Mr. Dance Island off his back.


Deoridhe said...

I had a funny thing happen once when I was trying to clear old landmarks (something other than falling through space onto a giant whale in midair with a bowl of petunias). Since teleporting and rezzing took a while, I'd often alt-tab away from the screen to read something after initiating a teleport; when I was in kind of an odd spot, I assumed the teleport hadn't gone through and teleported again, this time staying on screen - and saw I was promptly ejected. I deleted the landmark, went to the next one and thought nothing more of it.

A few hours later, I got an IM from someone of, "Can I help you?" I had completely forgotten about that one place (especially since I was ejected from, like, tons of places; a lot of my old landmarks had become private homes). So, all confused, I said, "Excuse me?" He's like, "I was going to say that." I check his profile, no idea who he is, not at all familiar; look around me, he's not int he same sim, so I ask him why he contacted me. His response was something like, "You were teleporting onto MY land. TWICE!" At which point I realized who he was and explained I was sorting old landmarks.

I was kind of surprised at how automatically hostile he was, but at least he didn't ban and mute me!

Anonymous said...

He came to our Sim, bought parcels and destroyed the Terraforming by just raise the land so max as possible. Then he banned randomly our Groupmembers. He is only harrassing people by fun,

Cheyenne Palisades said...

Anonymous, I hope you filed an abuse report with the Lindens! You can also ask them to roll back your sim to recover the damage he did.