Friday, March 16, 2012

Abbott's Aerodrome is on the Way Out

Written 15 March, 2012

Abbott's Aerodrome is on the Way Out

The other day I took myself to Salazar Jack's seaside village near the Forest of Kahruvel to get some photos for a blogpost. Afterward I flew to the adjacent sim to visit Abbott's Aerodrome, one of Second Life's legendary builds (it dates from 2004). Abbott's is where one went to buy parachutes airplanes, and lighter-than air craft. There were helipads and skydiving platforms on side, and, on the ground, a runway for aircraft.

I say went, because although the structure was still there, the merchandise was gone. Abbott's was eerily empty.

The airport was virtually empty as well.

I checked the Second Life Marketplace and some of Cubey Terra's builds were for sale, but only a fraction of his inventory was represented.

I hung around for a while talking about old times with a couple of other other ca 2006 avatars, but we only succeeded in making ourselves depressed.

It's sad to see another great old Second Life feature about to (presumably) disappear.

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