Sunday, December 4, 2011

Retro Photo Shoot

Written 2 December, 2011

Retro Photo Shoot

Last weekend Sweetie got an IM from Phideaux Mayo, publisher and editor of Retrolopolitan magazine. Phideaux had noticed Sweetie at a particle show and wanted to feature her in the magazine.

Phideaux came out to our PG Den of Iniquity and took photos of Sweetie-- and, incidentally, me. We wound up following her to Flashman's, a club she now operates with a partner.

The December issue is now out, and Sweetie and I are indeed in it. Sweetie got special permission from the CIA for me to post her image here in my blog, but I see they changed their minds and sneaked in and redacted her.

Here are the three of us at Flashman's"

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Allen Dale Thompson said...

I was afraid to look at these pictures just in case the CIA decided retroactively that anyone who saw them would be made... um... "retroactive." Thank you for protecting your readers. :))

-Whatcha Eaton (now living in RL)