Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Problems at Ballet Pixelle

Written 14 December, 2011

Problems at Ballet Pixelle

Over the weekend Sweetie and I and our friend and Sweetie's conspirator-in-training Elysienne went to see Ballet Pixelle's production of The Nutcracker.

Things started well. They really did. But then the sim began to crash. Repeatedly.The stage-- which was on another sim-- and dancers on it would disappear. The music would continue to play, but chat and IMs stopped, meaning it was time to relog.

Each crash delayed the performance by 10 minutes or so, which must have been frustrating to Ballet Pixelle staff and dancers.

After the third crash we gave up and went home to play K.R. Engineering's Pentadee dice game.

Pictures follow.

Things Got Off To a Good Start
The Audience After the First Crash
The Dancers Slowly Rezzed....
Things Were a Mess After the First Crash

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