Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Lindens Don't Understand the World They Created

Thank You Very Much, I'm Not Twelve Years Old.
I Have No Desire to Be a Frigging Vampire
Written 15 December, 2011

The Lindens Don't Understand The World They Created

Nothing does more to convince me the Lindens don't have a clue about Second Life than their ads FOR Second Life.

The ad above greeted me full-page today when I went to the Second Life website.

How can the Lindens be so clueless about their very own world?

The Lindens could be advertising what makes Second Life truly unique: making things, doing wondrous things you couldn't possible do in real life besides turning your avatar into a pixel vampire, creating art, creating community, exploring, learning new skills, making friends and maybe even meeting your future real life partner (as I did), being a citizen on a new frontier.

Instead it's Second Life mundaneness: vampires, buying shit, and fake families.

For god's sake, put Torley in charge! Torley gets it.


Melissa Yeuxdoux said...

"Your world, Stephanie Meyer's lack of imagination"?

Willow said...

Oh, get it! SL is soooo much more than what it seems to be portrayed in the LL ads. Sometimes, I think I should be a Linden so that they could hear me, for my words about this world outdistance theirs by do your words and the words of many I know.
What can we do? As one of my friends believes, perhaps we should do nothing, keeping the wonderful worlds of SL to ourselves. (Selfish man that he is!)
Should they put Torley in charge? Oh....YAH! He does get it too, and I can just imagine what he'd come up with in the way of advertising. I am sure it would reflect things much more accurately - and more interestingly as well.
My RL love and I met up again in SL after losing contact a few years ago. Actually, he came looking for me here - and found me, dancing in the sun on a spring morning. How perfect is that? And it's one of many intriguing tales I have to tell - and I know I am not alone, for I know many creative, talented, amazing people here: musicians, artists, writers, technological geniuses, and more: fine, kind, generous, good people who find challenge and expression here. Ah...what a wonderful world!
Oh...I have gone on and on, and so I apologise for that. And Chey...THANK YOU for your wonderful blog! Best to you and to Sweetie!

Cheyenne Palisades said...

Thanks, you two, for your comments!

Willow, I doubt there's much we can do but continue to watch the Lindens sail the ship of Second Life onto the rocks.

It's unbelievably sad.