Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Written 17 August, 2011


I didn't make it to Woodstock, but I did make it to the Erie Canal Soda Pop Festival some years later. It wasn't held anywhere near the Erie Canal, and there was no soda pop, and no pop music for that matter, just rock, and not much of that because of the rain. I drove with friends from Tennessee to Indiana in a 1963 Ford Econoline fan with a big hole in the floor where the passenger's seat should have been. The festival was continuously rainy, and we left on the second day. I heard like five minutes of music-- Dr. John-- before the weather drowned out his set.

It wasn't the greatest of experiences, but I do love to listen to music, and I've always liked the idea of listening outdoors. I've pretty much found that here in Second Life with music festivals.

This weekend Sweetie and I took ourselves to MetaStock.

Metastock was a two-day music festival held on the Viva La Vida sim. Click on the photo below to see the lineup:

On Saturday, Sweetie and I caught the last part of Mel Cheeky's set and stayed through the end of Strum Diesel's performance-- and we were back for a couple of hours the next day.

The sim was pleasant-- all meadow-- and the landscaping was perfect. There were a lot of avatars present.

A nicely scripted mastiff-- I think that's what it was-- wandered about, adding a homey touch.

Sweetie and I wore out the Intan couples danceballs.

 What a pity her shirttails flew up just as I took this shot. I can't believe I blocked her face!

Metastock was held to promote Metatunes, a service that allows online performers to make their original music and covers available to listeners-- and allows listeners to get songs from their favorite performers. It's perfect for Second Life.

It was pleasant to chat with Sweetie as we danced and listened to the music.


Sere Timeless said...

I hate to be a detail freak here, but according to Wikipedia, the Erie Canal Soda Pop Festival was held near Griffin Indiana over Labor Day Weekend in 1972, not 1963. Which makes sense because in 1963 you were too young to be driving anywhere with friends.

Cheyenne Palisades said...

Erm, the 1963 refers to my Ford Econoline van. The year of the event was indeed 1972.