Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cast Away on Whimsy Kaboom!

Written 19 August, 2011

Cast Away on Whimsy Kaboom!

They arrived a week ago Wednesday on a broken-down tardis, a group of Second Life explorers from the group +Torchwood+, who found themselves marooned on the beautiful but dangerous Whimsy sims.

They set up camp under the shadow of these big rocks on Kaboom...

... but a rainstorm washed them out.

The castaways were forced to relocate:

Eventually they discovered Whimsy, to the east.

They explored, and catastrophe ensued.

Here are excerpts from Johanna's Jourbert's journal. I assure you her descriptions of the Whimsy islands are accurate!


Lost On an Island


We were on our way to New Babbage to try to close the rift when the tardis got crazy ( again!) and expelled us somewhere.... sometime.

The Tardis won't let us go back home. We're stuck on this island for god knows how long.

As usual, Jan took over and built a shelter to protect us. Unfortunately, the storm destroyed it this night. We are all tired, dirty and wet. I can't believe some people actually pay to go to places like this!


Early in the morning I swam quite far, exploring, and found a suitable place for a new camp. There's even a wood shelter, and the camp seems more protected from the storms. Maybe with a little patience we could transport everyone and everything with the canoe Gwen found.


Sean is dead, stabbed in the heart. We never had an easy relationship, he and I, but now... it's just too late, too late to apologize, too late to ask him for an explanation about his behavior with me. Too late for anything...

Loranos suffers more and more from his eye and headaches and was profoundly affected by the death of his friend. Yesterday Jan, Mel, and Gwen didn't make it back to the camp. We're really worried.

Even Piper is paranoid. She thinks no one loves her, that people in Torchwood don't care about her. Loranos is getting aggressive. Mr. Duffy is acting strange too, but I'm not sure it isn't his normal behavior.

Today we will explore more of the island and look for the rest of the group.


Gwen, Piper, and I discovered train tracks and followed them until we found a small working train. We operated it and the strangest things happened. The ride is mostly under water, so we came to the conclusion that maybe if there are inhabitants on these islands, they live under the water-- but the most incredible thing was the ride took about 20 minutes. When we came back it was close to midnight.

Piper hurt her ankle and we had to go back to camp to meet with Mel and Jan. Thank god, they're safe!

Later on in the night we heard a noise and ran toward it. Mel and Loranos were on their own, having some privacy. A big dark creature was dragging Mr. Duffy down to the water. I tried to jump in, but Piper kept me from risking my life.

Today is another sad day. Mr. Duffy was cremated over Sean's remains.


We decided to explore and took the train again. We began to collect air tanks so we would have enough oxygen. During the ride, Loranos, Mel, and I saw a strange creature in the water. We jumped off the train and followed it into a cave full of volcanic lava. Luckily, we found protective boots near the entrance.

The cave was filled with carvings and the back gate was protected by a password. We didn't find the blue creature, but we did find an underwater city. It was absolutely beautiful, but partly destroyed by the lava. I managed to make my way into a crevasse and found a chest. Inside, an eye was looking at me-- not any eye-- Loranos' eye! I closed the chest and we ran back to the camp. I have no idea what any of this means!


GOD, THIS ISLAND IS GETTING ON MY NERVES!!! ... and that salty water damaged my hair and my circuits! During our night shift guarding the camp, we started to dig into the box of books we found with Loranos and Jan. In the Geography for Idiots book Loranos choose, he found a drawing and description of an island called  Pagaros. It mentioned the blue creature, saying: "It has sworn to kill any that threat to its land." All this was in a unknown language, translated by the Tardis. Jan and I began to get suspicious. Who marooned us here? The Tardis! Who did the translation? The Tardis!

DAY 6, Later

I found an underwater temple and saw the blue man again. I went into the temple and got hit in the head. I woke up in an underwater jail. An oxygen tank was there for me. I saw no one, just some creepy sea creatures.

I learned later the rest of the group talked to the blue creature. It said the place was under the rule of the Master, an evil timelord who will cause the end of the universe. We're getting ready to attack the Master in the temple of Doom, as tomorrow is the solstice and the Master will be weak.

Day 7

The blue creature took us to the doomed temple. We had to walk slowly and avoid arrows and lava and fight against ghosts and snakes. The blue creature was killed while helping Loranos get a strength potion. At the end of the labyrinth, the Master was waiting. Loranos defeated him and the team explored the area, looking for Joh.

I saw Jan and then the others. I warned them the Master had said: the island is going to be destroyed. Mel got the key to the Tardis. With the Master dead, the Tardis works again and transported us back home. Six of us made it to Torchwood alive.

I WANT TO THANK SO SO SO MUCH Cheyenne Palisades, the owner of those wonderful sims, for  allowing us to role play there and gave us her support.

You can show your appreciation to her by giving some Linden to the robots or taking your friends to visit those amazing Islands. Thank you Cheyenne, and thanks to all the team for a wonderful week of RP!


Noname Hema said...

Thanks Cheyenne, we had a lot of fun :) I was the blue man in this adventure and it was a pleasure dying on your island lol.

The Loranos said...

This was a great rp, made even greater thanks to you, Chey! We hope that we can come back here one day, just as a mini rp :-)