Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Video Loop Crasher

Written 27 July, 2011

Video Loop Crasher

I was at Hyannisport this morning and crashed-- twice. And so did everyone else.

Another resident told me it was because someone was using a weapon called Video Loop Crasher. I turned it off and stopped crashing, although many people around me continued to crash repeated.

So, you might want to do this to protect yourself if you find yourself crashing suddenly. It involves disabling a feature you probably don't use anyway.

Open the Advanced Menu. If you don't have Advanced, CTRL-ALT-D will turn it off (add SHIFT if it doesn't work). The menu will be on the top bar.

Open Advanced, go to the Recorder submenu, and uncheck Loop Playback. That should do it.

Unfortunately, on login Loop Playback will turn back on-- so you'll probably only want to turn it off when you're somewhere that's under attack.

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Brinda said...

always seems to be someone wanting to put bubblegum on a chair.