Saturday, July 23, 2011

Alpha Masks Open New Possibilities for Avatars

Written 23 July, 2011

Alpha Masks Open New Possibilities for Avatars

In your library you'll find three alpha masks-- full, feet, and head.

These masks will make the part of the avatar they cover disappear-- totally-- but only if you're using a viewer that can handle them. Viewer 2, Phoenix, Firestorm, and a lot of the other third party viewers can. Viewer 1 can't.

Some shoemakers are now using the foot alpha instead of invisprims. This forever ends the alpha glitch problem with invisiprims, but if you lose a shoe you'll look like an amputee.

The full alpha mask is handy. I've been adding one to the folders of each of my various avatars. It prevents stray body parts from sticking through.

The full mask opens possibilities for avatars that haven't until now been possible. Hamlet Au has written about the hairdo above.

Lately I've been seeing full avatars made with alpha masks. Here's one:

Swirling particle leaves created the vague shape of an avatar and responded to movement by leaving a trail in the direction the avatar was walking. Very nice.

Then there's this avatar:

Tiny tiny avatars are now possible:

Content creators are only just beginning to utilize alpha masks. Before long, I'm sure, we'll be seeing some absolutely amazing avatars.

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Melissa Yeuxdoux said...

Recent mermaid attachments are far more realistic--er, does that make sense?--OK, far more verisimilitudinous--than they used to be. Before, they were like the costumes for those women who play mermaids at aquariums and water parks, where it was obvious that underneath were human legs. Now, the tail is quite flexible and clearly isn't based on two legs that bend only at two or three points. I suspect that alpha masks make this possible.