Monday, July 18, 2011

Hair Fair 2011: The NO!s

Written 18 July, 2011

Hair Fair 2011: The NO!s

I hit this year's Hair Fair just before it closed. Sweetie, alas, was not with me. That's because she was on a super-secret mission to investigate the hacking of Second Life IMs by Rupert Murdoch's NewsCorps.

Yes, the scandal has spread to Second Life.

Of course it wasn't as much fun without her. In her honor, I used the ten-second rule. If I didn't see something I liked within 10 seconds of entering or camming a shop, I snorted "You have failed to impress me!" and moved on to the next display.

Which actually worked out pretty well, since there were four sims of hair fashions.

I picked up samples of just about every hairdo, and a lot of freebies besides.

Back home at Whimsy, I stood on the sea decks on Kaboom and sorted hair into three folders-- Yes, No!, and Sweetie.

As you might expect, anything stylish or outrageous went into the Sweetie folder.

I took photos as I worked.

First, some of the NOs:

I should note that NO was assigned for two reasons: first, it looked horrible on me, or second, it just looked horrible.

I always wanted to wear a giant Hershey's Kiss on my head!
The entire front portion of this hairdo is a hollowed sphere.
It reminds me of the one below, from the 2009 Hair Fair

I kept waiting for the top prim of this hairdo to rez.
Then I realized, no, I was just wearing a bowling ball on my head.
This one made me look like Rachel Maddow.
Too messy.
Too frizzy.
Too too.

Next: The YESes.

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