Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wow! Long Time No See!

Written 1 September, 2009

Wow! Long Time No See!

I've been remiss in my (usually more than one post a day) blogging. Part of that is because nothing particularly exciting has happened in my Second Life-- but the larger part is I've been busy in real life.

I've been in world quite a bit, but mostly just hanging as I clean the house and fix things that have gone too long unrepaired after three years in world. I spent the last two days scurrying all over town, getting my eyes examined, my prescriptions refilled, and looking for small and mundane things I've neglected to replace-- a one-cup Pyrex measuring cup, a butter dish, batteries, a UV filter for a camera lens, and a limb saw I bought on eBay and which happened to be sold by someone who lives less than ten miles from me. I've generally been getting my life in order.

This burst of energey revolves around two things. my last day on my job was Friday. I am now retired. And I am flying on Thursday.

Flying, you say?

Yes. It seems Sweetie has gotten herself into another pickle and needs me to come pick up the pieces.
I TOLE HER New York has draconian gun laws!

So not to worry, I am still on the job, just don't have much to write about-- although you can bet there will be a bunch as I relate my soon-to-come adventures with Sweetie.

In the meanwhile, if you need something to read, look on the left hand column of this blog and read all about Sweetie's trial.

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