Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My New Religion

Written 10 September, 2007

My New Religion

If you've not been to the First Second Life Church of Elvis, I highly recommend it. Services are at noon LST on Sunday. Here's the SLURL:

The church is a hoot, with pews made from 57 Caddies and a pulpit that is a golden throne.

Yep, that kind of throne.

The service is something to behold, too.

Be sure to go there and get your free Pompodour. And if they're still around, get the free vElvises. They're around back. Every needs at least one velvet painting of the King.

What with the popularity of cult religions in the world and in Second Life, I have decided that in self-defense I must form my own church. And so I know officially announce the formation of the Second Life Church of Cheyentology.

Yep. Cheyentology.

We are now accepting your tithes.

p.s. Sorry about the photos. I turned the interface-in-photos feature on last night and forgot to turn it off. Oopsie!


Peter Stindberg said...

Would you believe me when I tell you I've been there already? Was looking for an Elvis costume...

Cheyenne Palisades said...

They have the pompodour there now.

Peter has been everywhere, folks! I think he's been to every single sim in SL!

Corgi said...

I'll subscribe to your church - can I tell Cheyenne Wright? Maybe he could be High Priest or sumthin'.