Thursday, September 11, 2014

Working on the Path to Pele

Sweetie and I have been tweaking the path that winds from Whimsy's entry to the volcano Pele.

We removed the Botanical sakura cherry tree that has bee in the above spot for years and she added these mesh plants...

... and this lava boulder, which helps define the path.

That gave me an idea.

This acute bend in the path was always awkward, but it added length to the path to the summit, which was desirable.

So, I positioned two sculpted rocks (in the top photo they're colored dark red to distinguish them).

I made a pair of spheres, stretched them to the approximate  shape of the sculpted rocks (so avatars wouldn't walk through the solid rock), and turned them transparent. Then I added a bench to replace seating we had removed further up the path.

The effect is psychological, but now it feels more natural to make the sharp turn to the right.

We've been working on changing the vegetation during the ascent, with lush tropical plants giving way to a barren landscape with only the occasional scraggly plant.

I placed the above mesh plant by Cari McKeenan at the next turn of the path. Cari sent me a dozen or so of his plants as a promo, for which I'm grateful. This one, called LB_Dracaena Shrub, fit the bill. I'll blog about his work soon.

Note the hot lava boulders Pele is throwing.

Sweetie wanted to create some drama along the path and whipped up this volcanic feature.

It provided the perfect place to put my Shaky Sam's Seismology Service machine. It was rather lost at its previous home inside Pele's caldera.

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