Friday, September 12, 2014


A month or so ago Sweetie and I went on a hunt for more games for our PG Den of Iniquity.

We found several we liked and tracked them down. Two creators were kind enough to give me copies, We found the store that sold the game Crossroad, which I liked a lot. Crossroad is a sort of match/connect the lines game.

The name of the store is Lizail, and they sell, among other things, fabulous wall (and one floor!) aquaria.

And games! Did I mention games?

There were huge bingo games and rezzable copies of a dozen or so games in the same format as Crossroad, but what caught my eye was the gatcha machine. I'm not a gatcha player, but getting a random HUD-based game for only $70L seemed a bargain.

I was lucky. I played eight times and got six different games-- and the ones I wanted, at that. So... six games for $560L? Score!! Full-sized games weren't expensive-- $200-$300L apiece, but they were considerably more than $70L, so I got away for half price-- and the small size of the HUD dispensers was a plus, for Sweetie starts to sweat when spaces get too cluttered, and with more than 25 games in the PGDOI it was getting a bit close. Guess who put most of those games up there?

Yes, I admit it. I am a clutterer.

The HUD-based games are about  .2 meters in length and height and .15 meters in width, which enabled us to easily fit six on the bar at the PGDOI. Each game sits on an open rail carriage which can be connected to a little locomotive. Love the train theme!

Sweetie is kicking my butt on Crossroad, which is our favorite game-of-the-moment. Right now the top scores stand at 19650 and a sad 16210.

The Goal of Crossroad is to touch horizontal or vertical lines
on which two tiles of the same color are resting.
I'm bound and determined to top Sweetie's high score. I probably won't. But then again, she will never beat me on Phrase Invaders. You should see what happens when she tries to type video game or monkey wrench or cocktail napkin.

Yves! Another Jack and branch water, please!

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