Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Whimsy's Concerge Bots: Part II: Specialization

Whimsy Tip Bot. Photo by Greg Paslong

Our tip bot transitioned to a concierge bot when, at Sweetie's suggestion, I gave him additional functionality at the geysers on Whimcentricity. I put his hat back on his head and added a panel that allows visitors to pay five Lindens to control the geysers. A sign in his hand allows them (at no charge) to rain hot smoking boulders down on the sim. I mean, hot smoking death rocks should be free.

When we added a second specialty tip bot at the train depot, we unofficially dubbed it a concierge bot. In addition to handing tips, he dispenses SCUBA gear and an engineer's hat. And so the idea of specialty robots (all from the same basic model) was born.

Next we created versions to transport avatars up and down at our sub-orbital asteroid retreat. For some reason I gave them French names and made them rivals.

Alphonse takes riders down to the caverns below the main level.

He's jealous of his cousin Gaston because Gastson gets to take people up while he, Alphonse, can only take them down.

Gaston is jealous of Alphonse because Alphonse is made of brass while he, Gaston, is made of base metal.

A third cousin, Marcel, transports riders to the observatory under the SOAR platform. He, Marcel, is not jealous of Gaston or Alphonse because he, Marcel, can fly.

He is, however, quite vain about his leather WWI pilot's helmet.

Up in the PG Den of Iniquity the unfortunate Yves is eager to make you a drink.

Yves features handsome Daliesque mustaches.

Unfortunately, he has a tendency to lose his head (literally) whenever he tries to make a drink.

The latest concierge bot (a pair, actually), can be found on and above the beach at Whimsy.

This fellow will give you a parachute and teleport you to a skydiving platform. Because he's on the ocean instead of in the sky he wears a life preserver on his back. It's from The Titanic-- not a good sign.

In the sky, this robot will give you a parachute-- and if you don't want to jump, will take you back to the ground.

I'm sure there are more concierge bots in Whimsy's future.

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