Friday, August 1, 2014

Whimsy Kaboom Full Submersion Experience

I knew it wouldn't take long for Sweetie to figure out a use for all those prims I freed up.

Her original plan was to put out more kelp, but as things often do, it all got out of hand.

One of our favorite sims and a big influence on both of us was the late Privateer Space. It was built entirely by Aley Arai, whose name no longer appears in search. Much of her content is lost, but as Aley Resident she has, goddess bless her, released much of her content with full permissions. I'm talking mad scientist machines, her spacebug personal interplanetary traveler, free roaming sea creatures, sculpted kelp which covers a lot of sea floor with few prims, a volcano with spirit guardians that chase you around, a clockwork birdie which is now in a rezzer on Whimsy and about which I will be writing soon, and an underwater city which was once inhabited by Captain Nemo.

Sweetie quickly gave up on the kelp and made liberal use of the Captain Nemo builds. There are at least three habitable underwater pods on Whimsy Kaboom, and we just completed a passageway from the surface. That's the entrance at the top of the post.

Note the iris door. I've been using a full-perm iris door script I picked up years ago, but Aley's is better. It opens on collision and upon touch, and looks great as it dilates and-- undilates? Is that a word?

After I made the sign at the entrance I mounted our concierge bot above the doorway with an information sign. Think I should give him a name?

We used Aley's Nemo tunnels, which we dragged a bit larger so they wouldn't trap everyone's cameras. Each section is two prims, not too shabby.

The tunnel leads some 80 meters to Aley's biggest undersea pod.

That's Davy Jones' locker between the iris doors. By touching it you get a free full perm diving suit-- made by Aley, of course.

The door to the left leads to my Descender vehicle. When I customize it for use as a tour vehicle it will take visitors below the Second Life grid, down to -30 meters.

The door on the right leads to an exit portal. From there our plan is to transport visitors across the sim to a pod placed for viewing Kaboom's undersea life.

Yesterday I built this device to pull avatars from place to place under the waters.

Here I am sitting on it.

I've been experimenting with llMoveToTarget, but haven't yet been able to figure out how to make it move to one target after another. The script compiles, but the object just stops responding.

Clearly we have work to do before our full submersion experience is finished, but feel free to walk the tunnels and get a diving suit. Rez here in a rainstorm, walk along the island to the entrance, and travel the tunnels to the pod.

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