Thursday, April 10, 2014

Profile Pic

Yesterday I got an IM from someone who said he read in this blog that I make profile pictures for folks. Goddess only knows how old that post is! He asked how much I would charge to make one for him. I told him I wouldn't charge him at all.

I had been on my way up our suborbital asteroid retreat and typed gth 4000 (which, if you're using Firestorm, will take you to 4000 meters instantly, unless the sim you are in is set to prevent that). Unfortunately, I typed it into the IM box instead of chat.

"You want 4000 Lindens?" he asked.

"No, no," I said, and explained what I had done.

I asked him if he would prefer a natural background or something formal, and he said natural. I teleported him to Whimsy, zoomed in on him (CTRL-0), and in a couple of minutes showed him my first attempt (above). He was thrilled with it, thanked me, and we were done.

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