Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Peacock Hunt Fails! or A Good Peacock is Hard to Find

This Peacock by gian Allstar Was the Best I Was Able to Find

I'm back from an exhausting grid-wide hunt for peacocks.

I found:

  • Flat prim peacocks
  • Ugly peacocks
  • Uglier peacocks
  • Peacocks with vulture heads
  • Empty lots where there should have been peacocks
  • Almost free peacocks
  • Expensive peacocks
  • Jerkily animated peacocks
  • Badly-textured peacocks
  • Photoreal peacocks
  • Velociraptor peacocks
  • Other Frankenpeacocks
  • Peacocks that were  just subtly wrong

What I didn't find was a peacock to rival Julia Hathor's. Her beautiful peacock wins a reprieve on Whimsy!

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