Friday, December 13, 2013

The Ninety-Nine Percent / Jabba Jabba Jabba

Sweetie is always scouring the internets looking for places for us to visit in Second Life. Recently she took us to New Synthetic Theater.

The theater has two shows. After buying tickets for $50L and $75L, respectively, and wearing them, avatars are teleported to the stages, which are on a different sim. The $50L show is The Ninety-Nine Percent, and the $75L is the Wonderland-themed Jabba, Jabba, Jabba.

When the shows begin, objects are rezzed and moved about, and avatars are animated so they become part of the show. While execution needs some work, the concept is intriguing and plays to Second Life's strengths.

Photos follow.

That's me in the green outfit. One must be stylish even when occupying Wall Street.

Sweetie, at center, draws her arm back to throw a rock at the pigs. I am, sensibly, in the back lines.

How did we get there? For some reason we parachuted in. I was at the real Occupy Wall Street and I'm pretty sure there were no parachutists.

Here are two of my OWS photos.

We of course came to a grisly and bloody end.

Jabba, Jabba, Jabba took us on a cruise to Wonderland...

... where we eventually encountered an unimpressive Jabberwock.

As I said, what the place lacks in execution it makes up for in concept. You should try it.

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