Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Explorations

Every December Second Life is filled with beautiful winter sims. Above is Sweetie's photo of Happy Mood, a sim known for rabbits and birds and plants and things. We had a good time exploring and bought some grasses.

Calas Galadhon has a beautiful Christmas experience for you. Here's my photo:

Sweetie took me to Santa's Workshop at North Pole Village. It was a hoot.

I have to say, though-- Santa is working his elves pretty hard...

... and the we-have-to-be-secure sickness has clearly reached the North Pole.

Although it may be Santa is fearful because of the recent death of Rudolph.

It didn't make the news (I suspect the story was squashed), but yes, it's true. Rudy is no more. Or perhaps he is still alive; rumors say so. You'll have to be the judge.

You can gather facts at Mad Pea's Holiday Havoc on the GrandView sim.

You see, because of Rudolph's death and some pilfering, the Christmas and Halloween villages are at war. The toll taken by the cannon and trebuchets is appalling...

... although the damage done to the ramshackle Halloween village is difficult to detect, as Sweetie's photo, below, shows.

The sim is one big puzzle, yet is merely the setup for the search; when its mysteries are solved, avatars go off on a grid-wide search for 30 missing pieces of a broken clock.

Sweetie and I found all the riddles and solved them, and took home a sackful of prizes, yay us! We're stumped now; we're not sure how best to proceed with a sim-wide hunt for a tiny clue.

There are tons more winter and Christmas places. Our visits have left me wanting to lay down some snow on Whimsy. Yes, Whimsy is tropical, but it has snowed before. Predictably. Every Christmas.

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