Monday, September 17, 2012

My Store Finally Reopens: Part III

Written 17 September, 2012

My Store Finally Reopens: Part III

With the space mostly complete it was time to start adding products.

Over the years I've made lots of things, and many of them are for sale in the Second Life Marketplace-- but they've not been in world for a couple of years. I decided to ditch my hippo vendors and sell from signs-- no scripts, no lag-- but I needed to create new images of the products.

In the past I used the layout program Quark XPress to make signs, but this time I am using the free photo program GIMP. I am using existing photos and my favorite font, Garamond. I created the Copy/Mod/No Transfer icons in GIMP.

Here's my first sign:

I love that belt. I would give anything to have one like it in real life.

Here's the store's entry area:

Things are still being moved about, but it's taking shape. Store policies and pointers to my blogs will be nearby. That's Alphonse the Descentbot on the left. He's Gaston's cousin and much more of a smartass. And his French accent is phony.More on Alphonse in the next post.

I really like the way the signs look along the walls.

I smell a grand re-opening some time in October.


Melissa Yeuxdoux said...

You've always shown impeccable taste, but now... it's for sure. Garamond rules.

Cheyenne Palisades said...

Thanks, Melissa!

Garamond-- especially the italic-- has been my go-to font since 1990! It was the house font for a nonprofit org I once ran.