Monday, September 17, 2012

My Store Finally Reopens: Part I

Written 17 September, 2012

My Store Finally Reopens

A long time ago Sweetie and I created a huge build in the sky high over Whimsy.

It happened organically, as it always does with us. I had taken down my Flights of Fancy store (which no one was visiting) and we were thinking about a new home for it.

Sweetie had the idea that the structure should feature some sort of gap or open space, like say a semi-circle. Why? To provide a vista. It's a Sweetie thing.

We tried several things, none of which pleased us, and then one day I pulled a huge 100 x 100 x 100 meter prim from my inventory, turned it into a torus, and proceeded to torture it. When I called it a day it provided a level surface for standing and walking and  looked like this:

I'm visible in the first photo as a speck. I can be seen more clearly in the second; it should give you an idea of the size of the prim.

Sweetie liked my efforts and added walls, partial roofs, and massive rocks, creating a lower level. Pretty soon the structure looked like this:

Here's a picture taken inside the asteroid:

There's not much down there yet...

... except this hollow tube, which is a particle accelerator in the making.

Sweetie added a blimp docking tower...

...with a snooty French robot lift operator.


... and my mahjong game at the top.

A rail car transports avatars up to our PG Den of Iniquity...

... to a beautiful airship built by Johnnytreadlightly Nightfire...

... where we house our amazing assortment of games...

... including a bowling alley!

Note my first attempt at making footwear:

So-- from a single huge flat twisted torus prim we've managed to create a hollow asteroid, a dirigible docking tower, two stuck-up French robot lift operators, a railway, a giant telescope (more on that later), and a floating den of iniquity that houses our many games-- and oh, yes, space for a store!

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