Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tiny Reprieve

The Tiny/Robot Crossbreeding Project
Has Already Begun to Bear Fruit
Written 19 May, 2012

Tiny Reprieve

All hail our tiny overlords!

They came in the night, and not to us. A delegation of Second Life tinies went straight to the headquarters of the robot insurrection at the sanatorium on Whimsy Kaboom, which has long been in rebellion against their human masters (meaning me and Sweetie).

"Listen," the tinies said. "We can reach all those hard-to-lubricate cogs and wheels. "We can solder those dry joints the biggies can't get to. And---"

Wait for it.

"We have waffles!"

The robots were unimpressed. "We cannot work with you. You are made of meat."

"No, no, we're stuffed with cotton! Cotton!"

"Fluffy white fibers derived from plant of the genus Gossypium?"


"Vegetable, then. Unacceptable."

"Well, it's not exactly cotton..."

"All organic matter is unacceptable. We do not see how we can work with you."

"It's more like polyester fiberfill. In fact it's EXACTLY polyester fiberfill."

"Robowiki tells us this is petroleum based."

"Yes! Yes it is!"

"Petroleum is derived from organic matter. It is unacceptable."

"Listen to yourself. If not for petroleum you could not work. What do you think lubricates your moving parts?"

"We had not considered this. Perhaps we can work with you. Tell us more about these waffles."

And so the robots accepted tinies as their new overlords. Now, thanks to this strange alliance, Sweetie and I are at best tolerated on Kaboom.


But at least Kaboom and the robot sanatorium will continue to exist. My most profound thanks to the tiny who made this happen.

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