Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I know I've been remiss on my blogging. That's because I had nothing really to say-- reason being since the first of the year I've been coming into world primarily to stand on the sea decks on Whimsy Kaboom and watch the whales-- and to do a patrol to return stray prims visitors have forgotten to pick up. Most days there are a few.

And of course I've been paying tier on Whimsy, Whimsy Kaboom, and half of Leaf's Whimcentricity sim.

Xubi has had a bit promotion at work and is now an Associate Vice-President, which means she gets to wear fancier shoes and work longer house and have more stress. Long hours at the keyboard is giving her radiating pains from a developing cervical problem, and she's not inclined these days to spend more time at the computer, so I've not seen her much in world.

After a couple of months of hard work my house is essentially one kitchen floor fix away from ready to sell or rent. I"m not sure what I'll do yet. Anyone need a comfy cottage on a beautiful lake 10 miles from downtown Atlanta for less than $130k?

I'm just back home after spending a month with Xubi. Yesterday we talked things over, and agreed to shut down Whimsy Kaboom.

I love Whimsy Kaboom, home of the robot sanatorium, for its whales and beautiful views. I have my home set there. But it's costing me $95 US a month, and that's a big drain on my finances. So before the 28th Kaboom will be going away. So, too, will be my land on Whimcentricity. Graciously, Leaf has agreed to let Serenek keep her nifty beach house there.

I was ready to pull the plug on Whimsy, too, but Xubi loves it and said no, and I was happy she did.

The robot sanatorium will be moving over to Whimsy, at the same 3500 meters altitude. It will take up about 1500 prims, but thankfully we have them to spare.

I'm sad, but I won't be on the 28th!

Feel free to visit Kaboom while it lasts. Click here for a SLURL to the sea decks.

Things to do on Whimsy Kaboom:

Watch the whales
Ride the rocket. Be sure to look down!
Stand on the soap box and rant
Click the signs on the post to teleport to
       * the robot sanatorium
       * our earth orbit space build
      * the rideable leaf
Walk the chain of islands
Explore the undersea wildlife and spaces
Canoe over to Whimsy
Sit on the blue swim ball and swim anywhere on any of the sims
Jump on the sailboard
Ride the jetski
Find and fire the cannon
Ride the hang glider at the end of the chain of islands


Anonymous said...

The final kaboom!

[Eros Deus]

HisanoXelax Resident said...

Awww, that's a shame but understandable!!