Thursday, February 2, 2012

Where Was I?

Written 2 February, 2012

Where Was I?

Where was I before I got distracted by all those avatars at coldLogic?

Oh, yes! coldLogic!

So... I bought three outfits.

The first was the dress at top. It's called Chase, in autumn.

Notice how the dress conforms to my stance:

Here are two shots from the same angle:

This is the big benefit of mesh-- that and the ability to form folds.

Here's the Joslin jumper in onyx:

If the photo looks fancier than the one at the top, it's because I flew up to use my photo studio.

Everyone has a photo studio, right? Right?

Finally, here's the Kelly jacket, in taupe.

I guess mesh will be part of my life from now on.

Thanks, Phoenix Viewer people, for letting me see it!

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