Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Man Statue

Written 7 February, 2012

The Man Statue

A couple of weeks ago a link on New World Notes let me to this post on Serendipity Haven's blog.

Serendipity has been researching the ancient artifacts of Second Life and went on a quest to view the Man statue, which stands here on the Natoma sim, not far from the Ivory Tower of Prim (That's the Tower in the background, above).

The Man is one of the oldest and perhaps even the oldest objects in Second Life. With a creation date of 19 July, 2002, it predates Second Life itself.

The statue's creator is oldjohn Linden, born 1 September, 2002.

Please read Serendipity's post for a properly reverential discussion of the statue.

Serendipity Haven at the Man Statue


Melissa Yeuxdoux said...

Very nice, and Serendipity's article is a pleasure to read. One stands before The Man as one might before Stonehenge or ancient Memphis... and I'll be paying him another visit soon now. Thank you!

Gwyneth Llewelyn said...

A few years ago, there was a competition to find the oldest object still existing in Second Life.

The result is very surprising!

Cheyenne Palisades said...

Wow, Gwyn, that's old!

Somewhere in my inventory I have a prim made in 2003. 2003 is indeed surprising!