Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chey Deals with Clueless Newbs in Her Own Special Way

Language Warning: Last Section May Not Be Safe for Work!
Graphics Warning: Images of Newbies Scary for Everyone!

Written 28 June, 2011

Chey Deals with Clueless Newbs in Her Own Special Way

How r u?
I'm good, thank you. I hope you are too.
What's ur name?
Duh. Chey.
No, what's ur real name
Chey is my real name.
It's not customary in Second Life to ask people for personal information. It's considered rude.
Plz tell me
Plz tell me
It sez ive been muted. wtf duz that mean????

write this down
And why are you telling me that?
so you can email me
And why would I want to e-mail you? We only just said hello.
second life is for losers
And yet you're here
this is my last time I log into this place
Well, don't let the door hit your avatar on the ass on your way out.
u can email me
E-mail is for losers.

ur pretty
Thank you.
real pretty
You said that.
want to go sumwhere with me?
Thanks, but I'm waiting for a bus.
The No. 136.
lets go
you should go with me
It should be here anytime now
plz cum with me
Oh, there it is! Right on time.
ur weird
No, Second Life is weird. You might as well accept that now.

want 2 have a good time?
I am having a good time.
no, no, u no what I mean
I'm afraid I do know what you mean.
ur hot. u want sex?
Let me check. No, I don't believe I do. Thank you so much for asking.
Bitch ur a cunt
You shouldn't have called me that.
Because you happen to be on my sim.
What just happened?
It's called ban.
And mute.
And derender.
And Abuse Report.
Have a nice Second Life.


Wolvie said...

ROFL!!! Great post Chey, and so recognizable:-)))

Brinda said...

yup.. been there, done all of that.

Except.... the time I took Jason187 Engineer to Gerstle Stables. Told him that to "do" me, he had to have oral sex with the horse... he did... I took a picture.... and somehow that picture ended up being no mod/ copy at Hanja.

Secondlife ios weird, and I love it!

Melissa Yeuxdoux said...

Applause to both you and Brinda!

I have to wonder whether these people behave this way in RL.

Nepherses said...

Hahahaha~ Hahahahha~ hahahahaha~ And just in case, hahahaha~ People are bananas!