Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blog on Demand

Photo by Sweetie at Cafe Green Gables on the Luck Sim
"You haven't written me a blog post in a long time. I'm feeling neglected. You know your blog is our semi-public love forum."

"I know, Sweetie. I've not been in world much because of my sore leg."

"That's hardly an excuse. You don't type with your leg."

"Okay, I, uh, I think I have some photos from our explorations last weekend. I'll write up our adventures. Will that do? I'll  do it first thing tomorrow."

"No, I want a blog now!"

"Now? As in right now?"

"Yes. Now."

"I love it when you stamp your little size zero foot."

"I know you do. Now write me a blog!"

"While we're still talking in Skype?"

"Yes. Right now. I want a blog on demand."

"A blog in real time?"

"Yes. A live blog."

"But we've not done anything. I can't think what I would say."

"Silly Chey, I'm giving you your blog right now."

And so she did.

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Lindsay Heslop said...

*grins* Now that is funny!