Thursday, October 29, 2009

Vacation Within a Vacation

Written 29 October, 2009

Vacation Within a Vacation

My regular readers know I have been away from home for an extended visit with Sweetie. I arrived on 3 September and will be going home around the 5th of December.

Since Sweetie and I are usually (except when she has to go to work) within 3 feet of one another, we've not been online together. I log on for a good part of the day most days, but I seem to have SL ennui and mostly stand around Whimsy marveling at how beautiful it is and waiting for the Tiny Empires chime to ring.

Last week Sweetie and I took a vacation together; we journeyed to Cape Cod, where we spent seven days lounging around a roomy suite in a beautiful bed and breakfast. We were at a conference, where I was the honored invitee, but mostly we laid around in our room or in the hot tub or walked about shopping or going out to eat with friends. It was great!

I have a pretty nice digital camera, but I just haven't been able to mount much enthusiasm for it, and so never put the batteries in it. Sweetie, however, fired up her very nice Sony camera and has some shots and I will post them here in the next day or so.

We're back into our routine. I rise with Sweetie and make her breakfast and a lunch to take on her daily battle to save civilization from the unstylish. Then I go back to bed or play on the computer or read or take a walk or, some days, take her to work and go shopping or exploring with her car. Such a hard life!

Photos coming soon.

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