Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chey Pronounces the Robot Sanitorium Finished!

Written 16 March, 2009

Chey Pronounces the Robot Sanitorium Finished!

Lately I’ve been gaining on Sweetie. I’ve rebuilt everything she’s torn out and finished a half dozen little projects of my own. In my spare time I prepared a guidebook with a number of subcards. I made a tipbot and an infobot and got the staff development (renamed Bioform Resources) area in shape. I smarted up some of the scripts and—you know what?

I’m declaring the robot sanitorium complete and ready for business!

Teleport to Whimsy Kaboom Robot Sanitorium


Marnix Malifozik said...

Woohoo, Cheyenne. Awesome news. I will be along to Whimsy Kaboom at the first available opportunity

Tycho Beresford said...

I hope to see you there Marnix, I've had a visit on my To-Do list for ages. I'll grab Isobela and we'll take the tour asap!

Marnix Malifozik said...

I've been and gone and done it