Saturday, March 28, 2009

Chey, 2007

Written 28 March, 2009

Chey, 2007

January, 2007
I'm wearing the skin I bought in October, 2006 (Olive Basics from The Body Politik) and my first hair, BubblePoni from Mystikal Designs). I wore the Bubbleponi exclusively through mid-2007, and I wear the skin to this day (I have bought additional makeups for it).

June, 2007
 I had made minor tweaks to the shape given to me by Pam Havercamp (I made myself a little shorter, reduced my breast size, and reduced my cheekbones a bit).. I've not changed my shape since about the time this snapshot was taken.

August, 2007.
I'm wearing my second hairdo, Rain from Gurl6. By this time I had bought additional makeups for my skin.

October, 2007
Sweetie and I had discovered Zero Style hair, and I suddenly had more than a dozen hairstyles.

Christmas, 2007
I'm wearing a stylish free Christmas hat, a necklace of my own design, and Mai hair from Zero Style. I love that hair, but it's primmy and sends my ARC through the ceiling. Sweetie's iBook won't render it. She calls it my ferret hair, since in her low-powered viewer it distorts my face.

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