Friday, September 27, 2013

Hours and Hours on the Road

A week ago Sweetie flew to Georgia for a visit with me-- and a wedding of a co-worker. On Monday we set out for her home in New York in my 1996 Mazda Miata.

I love my Miata, but it's perhaps not the best car for touring. Space is, shall we say, limited. I FedExed most of my clothing, but even so we were packed to the gills. You should have seen Sweetie's face when, somewhere along the road, I emerged from a mini-mart with a 24-pack of Crystal Geyser bottled water. "It was just $2.99," I explained. We stuffed 18 of the bottles here and there and drank them on the road. I have a bottle beside me as I type this.

Because of limited room in the cabin, we decided to stop every thirty minutes for a brief stretch. We did just that, but more often than not the stretch breaks became bathroom-and-snack breaks, and, as we tired, bathroom-and-snack-and-nap breaks. Before we knew it we'd been on the road 24 hours and were only halfway to our destination.

We pulled into Sweetie's driveway more than 32 hours after leaving my house, with 1024 miles on the tripmeter. The trip should have been 889 miles and 13 hours-- that's according to Google, which apparently thinks you should average 68.5 mph on the road. Maybe the Google car is equipped with a potty and a good radar detector. Eighteen hours is a more reasonable estimate (50 mph average).

Anyway, we arrived in New York Tuesday, just before midnight. On Wednesday, poor Sweetie had to go to work; I was able to spend most of the day in bed, recuperating.

On Thursday morning, I logged into Second Life.

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