Sunday, August 4, 2013

Chey Wears Hair Fair Hair

No Blow Dryer in the World is Gonna Help These Bangs!

Sweetie and I hit every single vendor at the recent Hair Fair. We know we hit every one because the layout, unlike many product fairs we've visited in the past, was logically constructed; we eventually wound up back at our starting point.

I have to say, I took demos from every one of those vendors!

I've not yet worked my way through all the freebies and demos (computer problems), but I've worn more and photographed more than 100 styles. You'll see many of them below the fold.

Mesh is of course the big thing this year. Most is rigged, meaning it can't be adjusted. Like sculpted hair, it's immovable-- although some hair makers add a second wearable object made of flexible prims.

Many of the creators have a big problem with bangs, as you'll see.

And now, the hair.

First, some styles I would consider buying.

Lola's Tango No. 13

Lina by Ayashi

Blush by Azure, or Azure by Blush
Sorry, I Don't Have the Fashionista Designer Name Recognition Gene

Calico by Delora, or Vice-Versa

Lore-Dana by Emo-tions

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