Friday, April 26, 2013

Fallen Gods

A month or so ago Sweetie and I visited one of our favorite places (JD Mechanical Toy Factory) to see what was new. We found the place turned upside-down. A lot of the goods for sale looked like the work of  the toy factory's Jeanne Dibou, but were unfamiliar. We were perplexed. Only now, as I write this, when I teleported to the toy factory to get its coordinates for the SLURL in the link above, did I realize we went someplace else entirely and not to the toy factory at all. The toy factory is still there, and now the entire sim has been developed. I can't wait to explore this weekend!

So anyway, do NOT miss the toy factory, but that's not what I wanted to write about. Last week Sweetie and I visited Annon, one of the Fallen Gods sims. We found a lot to like there; in fact, in many ways it reminded us of our sim Whimsy Kaboom.

Like Kaboom, Annon is a homestead. That means prims are precious and must be used to greatest effect. That's just what creator Alia Baroque did.

The landing point is at the end of a narrow tongue of land. To the south the tongue continues, appearing as rocks at the mouth of a bay, then re-emerging as dry land,and curving and eventually broadening, terminating at an beautifully-done solarium. A cathedral is visible on an island to the south.

Westward, the spit broadens and rises, showing a mix of lush grass and boulders. The grass was created by Alia and works wonderfully on the slope.

The climb is a long one. It passes a waterfall and terminates at a large stone building. A monastery, perhaps?

Views are stunning along the way.

The monastery perches atop the spit, with sheer cliffs on three sides.

It wasn't until we had desended the spit and crossed to the other side of the bay that I realized the southern face looked like this:

A combination of particles and moving textures and well-placed sound makes for magnificent falls.

It was all just perfect-- the terraforming, the ground textures, the plant and animal life, the environmental sounds, and the buildings. It felt like a place. That's our goal above all on our own sims-- to make a place.

What reminded us most of Kaboom was the walk down the spit of land-- now we were on the Athan sim-- toward the solarium. Here the vegetation was temperate. Kaboom is tropical, but the feeling of walking through wild terrain was much the same.

A couples dance ball rezzer-- perfect!

A sunken dinghy. Perfect!

There are quite a few Fallen Gods sims. We could see promontories in the distance, topped with castles, but we're not finished with Annon. You bet we'll be back!

... And maybe Alia will sell us that great grass!

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